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            Service hotline:0354 - 6372222
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            THE DISTRIBUTION POLICY OF 2017日期:2016-12-08
            We are in a position to accept orders against customers' sample specifying design, if our materail, equipment and technique meet your requirements, we can have a deep collaboration in any patterns.
            2017-01-18JASON Fittings Attend INTERSEC(2017 Dubai) Exhibitionmore>
            Intersec (Dubai) creates a wonderful platform where new projects and partnerships can be initiated and where visionary objectives are conceived and implemented etc. in the Industrial Products industry.
            2017-05-14JASON Fittings Attend The U.S. (LAS VEGAS) National Hardware Show 2017more>
            Jason Fluid System, as one of the most professional Chinese pipe-fittings producer, will attend this big even during May 9-11 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center | North & Central Halls.
            2016-12-22JASON Fittings Attend The 14th China Products (Mumbai India) Exhibition 2016more>
            The 14th China Products (2016,Mumbai) Exhibition is one of the most renowned and successful multi-sector B2B trade shows in India.
            2016-12-08JASON English Edition Website Officially Launched in 19/12/2016more>
            With the support from the entire departments of Jason Ltd, the new english edition site formally met with all of you in March 10, 2016. Thank you for your long time support for our company! In order to pursue better propaganda effect, the company has carried on the new facelift to the original site. New orientation, new starting point, let us together look forward to the new site with the company together to glory! The website address is www.moneygms.com/en/!
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