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            Service hotline:0354 - 6372222




            We are in a position to accept orders against customers' sample specifying design, if our materail, equipment and technique meet your requirements, we can have a deep collaboration in any patterns.
            JASON Fittings Attend INTERSEC(2017 Dubai) Exhibition
            Intersec (Dubai) creates a wonderful platform where new projects and partnerships can be initiated and where visionary objectives are conceived and implemented etc. in the Industrial Products industry.
            JASON Fittings Attend The U.S. (LAS VEGAS) National Hardware Show 2017
            Jason Fluid System, as one of the most professional Chinese pipe-fittings producer, will attend this big even during May 9-11 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center | North & Central Halls.

            Quality: The Reason to Choice Our Product

            Quality is our most powerful weapon, while it is also the last line of defense. Each product has to go through five steps of strict inspection.The quality of our product is reliable.

            • reason
              Artificially pick out mismatch, gray and flawed castings.
            • reason
              Artificially remove flawed casting during annealing process.
            • reason
              Pick out flawed products with uneven distributed zinc-coat or with wrinkled marks.
            • reason
              Every Jason’s pipe-fittings must be inspected by pressure tester.
            • reason
              Finished ProductInspection
              Every finished product must be checked hand by hand to ensured meet requirement.


            promiseQuality commitment

            Jason(Junxing) casting co., ltd.

            Jason(Junxing) casting co., ltd. is a private industrial company registered and located in Shanxi, China. It is authored to engaged in pipe-fitting manufacturing, processing as well as distributing within Chinese domestic and exporting to international markets. Our company comforms to the ISO9001 quality management system for the whole process of production.

            Jason (Junxing) casting co., ltd. has a clear goal to be a professional producer of malleable-iron pipe-fittings and ductile-iron grooved fittings and couplings. We have been in this line for over two decades.

            In the past few decades, Jason (Junxing) casting co., ltd. has been a trusted name among peers by good reputation and high-quality products. From the beginning to the end, we put great effort on making our mission come true, which is to achieve mutually benefit between our customers and our shareholders.



            【1】Manager Zhang- Beijing south China equipment installation company
            (Jason)Junxing malleable iron pipe ...

            Jason pipe-fittings have occupied
            Chinese domestic market in the past few years.

            It is attributed to our qualitied products,
            professional service as well as operation philosophy.

            addAddress:Xd M-I industrial park
            faxFax:86 354 6322969
            telTel:86 354 6322148
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